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Sigma Blood Systems to Unveil Game Changing Blood Center Software in Orlando

Innovative, Flexible Platform Provides One-of-a-Kind Feature Set Aimed at Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Error, and Providing Key Data Critical to Today’s Blood Center

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (PRWEB) October 18, 2016 — The industry leading team behind Sigma Blood Systems is set to unveil their newest software suite during a special event to be held in Orlando next week. PERFEQTA is a first of its kind, SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows users to integrate operating procedures relating to blood donors, equipment management, blood components, and quality control into a web-based setting with real-time notifications and reporting. The system is currently being utilized by The University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center Blood Donation and Transfusion Departments, a move that will lead to the consolidation of multiple software modules to a single solution.

PERFEQTA allows the user to manage processes such as the scheduling of preventative maintenance and calibration of equipment, monitor and alert users to upcoming compliance and competency assessments, and create a collaborative interface where healthcare professionals can administer and track quality initiatives and audits across any department of the blood center, hospital, or multiple divisions of a healthcare organization. The flexible platform of PERFEQTA gives users the ability to define logic, input controls and limits, and adjust to changing regulations without having to engage the software or equipment manufacturer for added functionality or enhancements, often incurring additional expense, validation requirements, and time.

In another “first” for blood center software, PERFEQTA breaks away from the industry standard module design by giving the user an open and scalable system that fits their workflow with minimal efforts. PERFEQTA works on and with different devices such as desktops, tablets, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, and scanners without the need for expensive hardware and long implementation cycles. A holistically engineered system, PERFEQTA provides a platform that can be customized by the user for implementation throughout any organization. Inventory and equipment management are just examples of the several applicable uses for PERFEQTA. To date clients have implemented PERFEQTA to aid in error management, CAPA, document and change control, and standardizing operating procedures. The system goes beyond completing procedures per set standards and schedules. It alerts the user when attention is required without the need to personally monitor complex data points and changing conditions.

Designed with the blood center in mind and working with Operations staff, Quality Assurance, Information Technology and C-Level executives, the team behind PERFEQTA has developed several templates and logical procedures that provide the user with “out of the box” functionality from day one.

CFR 21 part 11 compliant with audit trail and electronic signature functionality for a complete paperless solution that is ready to meet stringent cGMP requirements and workflow, PERFEQTA integrates and communicates with other software and devices seamlessly, which reduces time, redundant data entry and input errors. Additionally, PERFEQTA comes complete with the world-class customized reporting module Vision Centric built in. This functionality allows for reports to be designed specifically to meet the blood center’s requirements.

Max Doleh, CEO of Sigma Blood Systems, stated “Working directly with the nation’s leading blood specialists, it became apparent that what the industry needed most was flexibility, operational visibility, and cost efficiency. Blood centers’ mission to save lives is time sensitive and highly regulated, and to help fulfill that mission, we engineer authentic and thoughtful technologies that increase quality and efficiency with guaranteed ROI. Having to use multiple software products to monitor QC, inventory, error management, compliance and auditing is an inefficient use of human talent and financial capital. With PERFEQTA, now blood centers can use one platform, their own procedures, and actionable reporting to focus on making miracles.”