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MD Anderson Selects PERFEQTA eQMS, Expects Efficiency Gains in Blood Center.

Customer Name: The University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center

Industry: Healthcare/Oncology


The staff at MD Anderson Cancer Center has excelled at being one of the best hospitals in cancer care for 27 years. The research hospital has continually outperformed their peers in a multitude of areas. This dedication to quality is evident across the entire organization including the blood donation and transfusion department, which recently sought out a more effective and efficient method to managing their quality control processes.
The hospital’s previous software solutions included multiple vendors that produced redundant data entry and associated errors. All of which, required the hospital to host on their existing Information Technology Infrastructure. As the support protocol of one of their most prominent pieces of quality control software neared end of life, the IT and QC administration were faced with a decision on how to proceed.


The industry experts behind the Sigma Blood software suite worked hand-in-hand with the team at MD Anderson Cancer Center to scope a solution culminating in the agreement to implement their leading QC Manager 2.0 and Platelet Manager software along with their newest offering, PERFEQTA.
A completely flexible platform, PERFEQTA is the answer to complex custom software requirements without the years of development, exorbitant capital expenditure, or lengthy implementation process. Simply put, PERFEQTA is process management made perfect. With the ability to manage multiple manufacturer’s devices, forms, as well as multiple file format data exchange, PERFEQTA has truly revolutionized the QC process.


MD Anderson Cancer Center is known for its top national rankings in cancer treatment. Now, the hospital’s Quality Control Administration has agreed to upgrade to the industry’s premier eQMS platform. The legacy QC Manager 2.0 & Platelet Manager software modules from Sigma Blood Systems provide the latest in blood donation and transfusion center manufacturing and quality control protocol. While the newest offering from Sigma Blood, PERFEQTA will allow MD Anderson Cancer Center to manage Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) in an integrated fashion without having to use multiple disparate methods. An effective, efficient and compliant quality management system is vital to the hospital. By all accounts, PERFEQTA will meet and exceed the organization’s quality management requirements.


PERFEQTA was created for the purpose to help organizations comply with regulations such as CFR 21 part 11, ISO 9000 and others. PERFEQTA streamlines the total quality and audit control process across the enterprise in an easy-to-customize and quick-to-deploy web based platform. The new electronic quality management system can integrate and communicate with other software and devices, which helps cut down on redundant data entry and associated errors along with improving process stability and reduce outcome variability. The system helps organizations manage Corrective Action Prevention Action (CAPA) in an integrated fashion without having to use multiple disparate methods.

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