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Focused on Quality Efficiency, MD Anderson Cancer Center Implements Sigma Blood Systems' Software Suite

Oklahoma City, Okla. – September 6, 2016 – The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center recently began the process of replacing their existing quality management software with the industry leading products developed by Sigma Blood Systems.

The move will lead to the overall consolidation of MD Anderson’s quality control process monitoring on a single platform and will significantly upgrade their QC capabilities.

MD Anderson plans to use Sigma’s QC Manager to manage its quality control processes for the donation, processing, and delivery of blood products for both its donor and transfusion services departments; Platelet Manager to optimize the manufacturing process and qualification of its platelet apheresis; and the new wholly-customizable PERFEQTA to manage its quality control processes of reagents and equipment across their blood donor and transfusion departments. The software suite also includes VisionCentric, which allows for across-the-board reporting, real-time analysis, automated alerts and control charting.

The modular software suite is intended to help organizations comply with regulations such as CFR 21 part 11, ISO 9000 and others. PERFEQTA streamlines the total quality and audit control process across the enterprise in an easy-to-customize and quick-to-deploy web based platform. The new electronic quality management system can integrate and communicate with other software and devices, which helps cut down on redundant data entry and associated errors along with improving process stability and reduce outcome variability. The system helps organizations manage Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) in an integrated fashion without having to use multiple disparate methods.

“We are excited to be working with MD Anderson and to bring a much needed alternative to a highly regulated industry at a cost that yields positive return on investment and faster organizational acceptance. Relying on our expertise and technology, we are committed to do our part to help MD Anderson with their efforts to eliminate cancer and improve patient care,” said Max Doleh, CEO of Sigma Blood Systems. “We value them as a client and as a new partner in success.”

About Sigma Blood Systems

Sigma Blood Systems launched in 2009 and quickly rose to the forefront of the health related software market as the first company in the world to build an automated method for quality control and manufacturing of blood products. The software is used to manage 35% of blood production and QC in the U.S. Sigma Blood Systems also consults and strives to help biotech and healthcare organization to choose the best solution for their needs. Sigma Blood is committed to helping save lives through technology. Visit Sigma Blood online to learn more and secure your demo today.