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Seamless Integration

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PERFEQTA allows for the seamless integration of third-party hardware and software data to be mapped effortlessly into a corresponding app with no additional coding. Simply design a new app in PERFEQTA to house the data being output by your other software or equipment and let PERFEQTA take it from there.

API Connectivity and data integration? Sure, no problem!

CSV and Excel? Of course, PERFEQTA can do that too!

Odds are, if you can get the data out of a piece of hardware or software, PERFEQTA has a way to import, organize, further process, and most importantly, report on that data – all included in the embedded business intelligence and reporting suite.

Today PERFEQTA is helping life science, manufacturing, and asset management firms, among others increase their competitive advantage through the integration of processes and procedures, as well as the equipment and other software tools used to deliver their products and services. From capturing data generated by lab equipment for daily quality control performance to the integration of document management with PERFEQTA’s process and workflow automation tool, connecting historically disparate programs and tools is at the heart of PERFEQTA’s design.

Integration is just one of the unique features of PERFEQTA. As our users continue to work within the platform, they inevitably uncover additional processes to be automated and data collection events to be launched. Prior to now, the requirement for changes to a data intensive application would require a developer or re-engaging the manufacturer and while this is still true, PERFEQTA provides the user with the ability to make changes themselves. Through fully customized role and permission administrative functionality, links to third party hardware and software, as well as, application field changes and more, can be performed in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, there is no need for external  reporting software anymore as PERFEQTA’s robust business intelligence tool is standard. Generating reports comprised of data from across the entire business operation has never been so simple. Reports can be automated and saved for real-time views of the business as well as customized to meet the needs of individual departments and personnel.

With PERFEQTA, your business is automated in a blink!