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Processes, apps/eForms, workflows, conditions, and logic based events – none of these features alone would be revolutionary, but build in a robust data analytics module with which to report on them, and now you have PERFEQTA. The application platform as a service’s built-in, customizable data analytics module and business intelligence suite combines data from information directly input into PERFEQTA apps across multiple departments and locations. The platform can even combine data from multiple apps providing for complete data unification across the business operations. Included are features like custom ad-hoc reports, standard control, and even drill down charts, but where PERFEQTA stands out is in the delivery of these reports and how people, not computers are made aware of work to be performed or reviewed. PERFEQTA is able to drive data generated from daily operations through to reports that can be analyzed and acted upon instantly, so that continuous improvement initiatives can always be at the forefront of operational goals.

From  “Smart Alerts” that notify employees and managers of conditional or frequency based tasks and reviews to notifications that link directly to customized reports included in emails for directors, PERFEQTA provides multiple ways for people to visualize and understand critical data within their organization.

Our reporting and business intelligence suite allows you to generate charts, group data in different ways, and incorporate formulas and filters on the fly. No need to export data to an external reporting module, PERFEQTA mitigates risk of degradation and transcription or export error by capturing information in the same application as data analytics and reporting are performed. Of course, we understand the desire to freely export operational data from PERFEQTA apps as well, and that is why the system is completely open allowing for export to multiple file formats including CSV and PDF.

Flexibility, along with a willingness to adapt is what drives differentiation between PERFEQTA and other application development and process management tools. Automatically being able to quickly and easily generate reports in different formats for continuous improvement from ongoing operational data is why we say it’s “Software, your way!”