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Quality Management System

The development team behind PERFEQTA has been manufacturing software solutions aimed at maintaining and tracking data related to quality management for more than a decade.

Since 2005, Productive Technologies has manufactured the industry-leading suite of products behind Sigma Blood Systems for hospitals and blood banks. Aimed at continually building on the knowledge and development behind all of our products, the team has worked to incorporate several of the features from QC Manager 2.0 into a blood industry specific edition of PERFEQTA. Operating in the FDA regulated world of transfusion medicine has provided the team a unique firsthand experience in developing highly scrutinized quality control software tools. Productive Technologies understands the need for features like alerts based on predefined limits and controls, charts designed to allow for trending data points across distribution models, and ability to monitor and maintain records and versions in an easy to navigate format for easy auditing.

This knowledge of record maintenance and versioning, under the scrutiny of regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, provided the foundation for the process management and workflow automation platform that is PERFEQTA. By understanding the importance of maintaining a complete audit trail and by listening to clients’ requests for a SaaS based solution that would allow for quick launch and configuration, Productive Technologies combined years of development experience and customer requests to build the first Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) tool that meets 21 CFR Part 11 as set forth by the FDA. Working with Quality Directors, Lab Directors and Information Technology experts in some of the World’s most respected healthcare and manufacturing organizations, the PERFEQTA team designed the platform to launch quickly, allow for users to design, build, and validate “apps” in a codeless environment while continually maintaining focus regulatory compliance.

Complete with a fully integrated document management system that has been recognized on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, PERFEQTA can be fully tailored around the best practices outlined in any quality plan to provide a tailored electronic quality management system at the fraction of the cost associated with custom development.

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