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Organizational Dashboard

From the initial demo to implementation and throughout the system, PERFEQTA’s organization dashboard and user interface are straightforward and easy to understand. Everything is presented to the user in a logical and focused method that encourages standardization and procedural compliance. Beginning with PERFEQTA’s homepage and consistently flowing throughout the rest of the platform, users are able to navigate through features and functions with ease.

PERFEQTA Home Screen

Designed with reusability and configurability in mind, PERFEQTA users are able to launch apps, build reports, and drive workflows and processes in a matter of clicks. Add to this, the full audit trail in PERFEQTA, and procedural adherence has never been easier to maintain.

With PERFEQTA, gone are the days of swimming through screens or applications that pertain to other divisions or locations. The customizable application is presented based on user role or individual and can be updated based on these roles and permissions to ensure business continuity and cohesiveness. Need to take an app offline or update records in batch format? Simply, access the app builder or batch entry function and both can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Whether your business is early stage or well developed, launching PERFEQTA is quick and painless. With a robust administrative dashboard that allows for the addition of new users in minutes, to being able to copy entire apps for use elsewhere on the fly, PERFEQTA can be up and running in no time. Users can be quickly educated through supporting or training documents attached directly to the individual apps and will always know where to start thanks to the fully embedded scheduler.

In PERFEQTA, customized doesn’t mean complicated. From the administrative tools to each individual user, the interface is consistent and very easy to understand. Your business, your processes! With PERFEQTA, it’s software, your way. Fast!