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Optimized Management

With PERFEQTA, management means more than personnel, processes, assets or resources. The platform is designed to let organizations manage all of these and much more. In a break from traditional process management as well as object management (CRM, Inventory, etc.) PERFEQTA provides the user the ability to configure the platform to meet both needs. Today, PERFEQTA can be your CRM, Inventory Management, Production Data Management, HR Management, and more system, all without having to code or custom develop anything. All of this means that, with PERFEQTA you can start anywhere in your business and scale the platform to meet any number of requirements across multiple departments and locations quickly and effectively.

Process Management – Let Your Best Practices Guide the Way

By taking the time to understand the processes already in place within a business, the PERFEQTA team is able design the platform around best practices and further enhance the efficiency-driven initiatives already in place. PERFEQTA isn’t designed to force companies to comply with rigid software that doesn’t meet specific business needs or requirements. We aren’t interested in “work arounds” for PERFEQTA apps and workflows. With PERFEQTA, your processes and procedures are built directly into the software so that the business is automated on your terms! As your business grows PERFEQTA can be there every step of the way, scaling to meet any demand with a fully controlled audit trail and features designed to meet strict mandatory and voluntary regulations. Whether your business is in life science, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, or any other product or service provider, PERFEQTA is designed to meet your specific needs in half the time and at the lowest total cost of ownership, guaranteed! Or we’ll pay you to switch!

Object Management – Maintain Equipment & Client Relations in One Solution

From equipment management to client relationship management, if there is a need for data to be captured, reported, and acted upon, PERFEQTA is the premier business process and object management platform designed to meet your specific needs.  And, what’s more, PERFEQTA can grow and scale with your company! In fact, most PERFEQTA customers implement the platform for a specific purpose then almost immediately look to launch the fully configurable and customizable Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solution in another area of their business to standardize and unify data management across their operation.

Imagine being able to link procedural based processes to the objects within the business that are directly affected by those processes. This could be as simple as auto-populating a mileage report direct from a client record in the CRM or as complex as identifying risk associated with a specific lot of reagents or equipment manufacturer in a pathology laboratory. In either scenario, PERFEQTA can be configured to manage both instances quickly and effectively. No matter what the object is or does, PERFEQTA brings processes and objects together in perfect harmony.