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Configurable By You

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For years, businesses have been held hostage by software products and manufacturers. Those days are behind us, thanks to the easily configurable PERFEQTA platform.

Designed with the daily user in mind, PERFEQTA is built on codeless or “no code” design, essentially giving users the ability to build their own software. It’s software software.
We know, we’re working ourselves out of a job – it’s fine, we want to.

PERFEQTA can be designed and customized to manage any process or workflow, track conditions, and manage alerts based on those conditions being met. With PERFEQTA, you design everything. If you still don’t have the time to do it, let one of our business analysts help. There is no need to employ a software developer in the process. With PERFEQTA you spend less time implementing and training on the system which means less overall cost to install and more opportunity to work in the platform.

And remember, our support and technical staff are always ready to make sure you succeed. In fact, PERFEQTA has a more than 95% adoption rate.

Being so configurable allows users of all technical levels to not only work in PERFEQTA but also to uncover additional opportunities for automation and management within the platform. In fact, our base client, The University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center implemented tracking of more than 300 standard operating procedures from one department in just 2 months with PERFEQTA. From designing and configuring apps and forms in the system to validating and implementing the processes and workflows in the production environment, PERFEQTA’s fully configurable design reduces time and saves money.

With reduced implementation and validation times, to a configurable design that can be used by everyone in the organization, PERFEQTA provides an unmatched platform for managing any process or procedure effortlessly. Now, you know why we say “Automate your business in a blink.”