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Process Automation

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PERFEQTA helps organizations of all shapes and sizes, in any industry, realize optimal operational productivity through workflow automation in a user-friendly interface. It links data together using an entity-based structure (objects with static identifiable information – cars with VIN numbers, equipment with serial numbers) and Q&A-based procedures ranging from basic to very complex in design.

Connecting these processes and procedures in a straightforward and easy to navigate user experience, PERFEQTA breaks down workflows and allows users to design the steps and actions required to complete tasks and projects. From multi-stage, conditional processes that include “If X occurs then launch Y” to controls, acceptance criteria, and threshold alerting through PERFEQTA’s “Smart Alerts” feature, no business management process will be burdensome on the quality of the product or service being delivered. This user defined logic drives the automation of the processes and workflows being managed with  full audit trail capability and tracked versions of each and every change to the system. 

This ability to drive situational based workflows automatically, whether it be for supervisory approval or collaboration between different departmental staff ensures that data is never dropped or overlooked.

In the healthcare and life science industry, PERFEQTA is being used to report quality control findings for lab equipment by launching equipment problem logs that require engagement from the medical technologist using the equipment daily, to the lab director and even the equipment manufacturer’s representative who need to know when the equipment has an issue. By automating this workflow and removing manual processes such as scanned PDFs attached to email, PERFEQTA is not only helping facilitate more efficient communication of a potential problem, but also creating an organized accounting of the data related to the overall failure that can be reported and trended for forecasting and analysis. By bettering understanding data captured at the time of the event, organizational managers can work to mitigate future process failures through training implementation and other continual improvement initiatives.

Additionally, PERFEQTA can help connect processes and data from third party hardware and software tools, helping to provide complete insight into operational effectiveness. Through automatic data links, as well as “Smart Alerts” and scheduled reports, PERFEQTA pulls together information from historically disparate processes and procedures creating a clear and concise view of what is happening within the organization in real-time.