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Central Jersey Blood Center Implements Innovative PERFEQTA Process Management Software Across Entire Operation

Customer Name: Central Jersey Blood Center

Industry: Transfusion Medicine – Blood Bank


Central Jersey Blood Center (CJBC) has been in operation for more than 50 years and services 16 hospitals in the state. CJBC sought to unify data from historically disparate and methods including hardware and software from throughout their entire operation. Initially choosing to focus on Quality Assurance, Donor Services, Human Resources, IT and their core lab, Central Jersey purchased the PERFEQTA process management platform developed by Productive Technologies. In just over 4 months the team at CJBC has automated several processes and procedures across 5 departments while launching 20+ apps/eForms in the PERFEQTA system.

As part of CJBC’s mission of “saving lives by providing safe, high-quality blood products and services to patients in need,” the organization is committed to adopting new technology that aids in the continuation of this mission. Technological advancements such as software automation, increased business intelligence through data analytics, and the progression toward paperless environments all aid in overall increases in operational efficiency. PERFEQTA, with its agile codeless application structure give key personnel within the operation the ability to implement changes to the system without the need for a software developer, all in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

Additionally, the staff of CJBC represent the initial integration of Productive Technologies’ Sigma Blood Systems – QC Manager functionality into PERFEQTA. The two teams worked together to identify specific processes related to blood product QC that could be managed in the PERFEQTA platform. In the QA department Change Control, Process Validation, and the organization’s Quality Action Report are all being launched in PERFEQTA, complete with multi-level workflow approvals and eSignature capability.

From a hardware and IT resource perspective, PERFEQTA’s hosted platform requires ZERO capital expense and the training and implementation are accelerated as a result of the reduced IT resource requirement.


The industry experts from Productive Technologies worked hand-in-hand with the team at CJBC to implement their newest software platform, PERFEQTA, in a rapid deployment that took just over 4 months. The fully validated initial phase which includes 20+ eForms/Apps, several conditional based workflows and processes, and more than 70 enterprise level users, is set to go live across 5 departments. (Core Lab, Quality Assurance, Donor Services, Human Resources, and IT)

A fully flexible and configurable platform, PERFEQTA is the answer to complex custom software requirements without the years of development, exorbitant capital expenditure, or lengthy implementation process. Simply put, PERFEQTA is productive in every sense of the word. When asked about his blood center’s motivation behind implementing PERFEQTA, CEO Pascal George commented, “In today’s competitive environment, CJBC is focusing on creating value for its customers.  PERFEQTA with the will allow our team members to re-direct their attention from tracking paperwork, making calculations, repeating entries on forms and trending data to analyzing early warnings, thinking about root causes and maintain continuous improvement”

With the ability to manage third party devices, eForms, as well as multiple data file formats, PERFEQTA has truly revolutionized quality and process management.


Central Jersey Blood Center has provided life-saving blood products for more than 50 years and their commitment to maintaining quality while seeking new and innovative ways to increase efficiency is what led to their selection of PERFEQTA. From launching eForms and workflows in a fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform to managing processes related to HR and IT, Central Jersey will benefit from a unified data strategy that will provide valuable operational data in concise and custom reports. With PERFEQTA, tasks and workflows related to quality management such as Change Control and Process Validation are now linked to other operational processes, creating a complete view of the entire blood center’s activities.

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