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PERFEQTA automates any process or procedure

As an executive, a manager, or an owner of your business, you value efficiency, consistency, quality, and organization. Your operational processes – whether manufacturing goods, overseeing inventory and equipment, or assigning and managing tasks – are what ensure your success. Finding the right tools to help you with business process management is one of the greatest challenges you face.

Business operations software – PERFEQTA enhances oversight and outcome

PERFEQTA breaks down processes. It streamlines them and simplifies them, making it easier to efficiently complete the steps en route to a successful result. PERFEQTA increases accuracy in performing tasks and recording vital information, and this means less time lost to misplacing data, equipment or goods and greater efficiency in your team’s output – which saves you money!

No matter your industry, PERFEQTA’s adaptability, scalability and ability to work with other hardware and software make it a perfect fit. You can ensure strict regulatory compliance with standards set by ISO, FDA and more, plus a complete audit trail, security and customization – all at the right price.

Overcome Inventory Inadequacy

46% of small businesses either do not track or manually track inventory.*

Manual data input results in 100 errors for every 10,000 keystrokes.

Automating inventory via barcode scanner and compatible management software like PERFEQTA reduces error to 1 for every 10,000 scans. (Equal toover 100,000 keystrokes.)

*Per wasp barcode.-->