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PERFEQTA’S features give you industry-specific benefits

The beauty of PERFEQTA is found in its adaptability to virtually any process in virtually any industry. Without the need for expensive, time-consuming coding, and development, you can create the applications that ensure any series of tasks gets performed to your standards. Enable the features and functions you need to ensure high-quality results, while preserving any documentation needed for regulatory compliance.

Industry-specific features

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eSignature with multi-point workflow
  • Intelligent acceptance criteria for complex quality control standards
  • Seamless integration with devices, software, and data sources
  • Built-in Levey-Jennings control charts
  • Smart threshold alerts and calendar for proactive CAPA
  • QMS (Quality Management System) applications and ISO:15189 compliance
  • Full audit tracking and extensive reporting


  • Competency and assessment training management
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration management
  • Scheduled maintenance calendar and threshold alerts
  • Customizable forms for airworthiness survey application
  • QMS (Quality Management System) applications and forms for AS:9100 compliance
  • Perform tasks in a fully auditable platform
  • Manage assets ranging from components to entire fleet of aircraft


  • Configurable system to fit your changing environment and workflow
  • Enhanced security, ease of management, anywhere access, instant alerts
  • Easy to setup and administer business rules and workflow engines
  • Closely align your business process with organizational strategy
  • Dashboard – robust business intelligence and reporting tool
  • Go paperless with multi-point eSignature capability
  • Track, measure, and control quality across business units and functions


  • eForms for implementing continual improvement initiatives
  • Error management and reporting
  • CAPA initiation — Corrective Action and Preventative Action
  • ISO:9001:2015 applicable
  • Automation for process management and standard operating procedures
  • Risk management tracking and reporting
  • Customized to fit your quality control criteria across all products and services

What can you do with PERFEQTA?

Business Process Workflows
Centralized SOP Tracking and Management
Operational Surveys
Record Retention Management
QC Sampling Tracking and Audits
Lean Initiative Management
Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA)
Equipment Maintenance and Calibration
Deviation Management
Safety Audits and Reporting
Quality Control Reporting
Risk Management
Document Management
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Augmentation and Tracking
Environmental, Health and Safety Management
Integrate with ERP Systems
Change Management

Go 100% Paperless