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“We engineer authentic and thoughtful technologies that increase quality and efficiency with guaranteed ROI.” — Max Doleh, CEO

About Us

The development company behind PERFEQTA is no stranger to the rigorous and demanding requirements of highly regulated industries such as healthcare, clinical research, and manufacturing. In fact, the same team that developed the fully flexible BPM platform is also responsible for introducing quality control software to the blood donation and transfusion medicine field. With more than 40% of the donated blood in the United States passing through one of our products, quality and process management are at the core of everything we design.

With that, the development of PERFEQTA and early acceptance in the healthcare sector is no surprise. The ability to ensure process adherence and quality control while maintaining regulatory compliance in that life-or-death environment, along with easy implementation and user-centric interface guided its creation. These qualities led to the prestigious and world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center’s early adoption and use of our web based solution.

PERFEQTA’s adaptability led to its further development as a business process management tool well-suited for virtually any business in any industry – aviation, manufacturing, energy, and sales – anywhere people, inventory, equipment, or procedures require accurate and efficient oversight with the ability to drive continual improvement through data analytics.

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